District 2 Tax-Aide Sites

Welcome to the website for District 2 of Tax-Aide in Tennessee. This website provides information on Tax-Aide sites in Cumberland County, including information on making (or cancelling) an appointment for tax preparation.

What is Tax-Aide?

Tax-Aide is a personal income tax preparation service that is free of charge to taxpayers. Funding for this service is provided primarily by the IRS, but other charitable organizations contribute to its operation as well. The Tax-Aide organization is managed by AARP Foundation (the charitable arm of AARP) which ensures that all sites are operated within the confines of IRS direction. All volunteers in the program are trained in accordance with IRS guidelines, tested and IRS certified.

What are the limitations for tax preparation?

Tax preparation is available to all taxpayers, regardless of age or income. However, in certain situations, our volunteers may be unable to provide assistance. The Volunteer Protection Act requires that our volunteers stay within the scope of tax law and policies they are trained and certified in. Click here to see a guide of what our Tax-Aide volunteers can, and cannot do.

How are the sites operated?

Tax-Aide has provided in-person tax preparation service for many years at sites in Crossville, Jamestown, Fairfield Glade, Sparta and Pleasant Hill.

A link is provided below for each site in this district; the link will take you to a page containing information on how to make an appointment (or cancel an existing one) for THAT site, the site’s location, the site’s days and times of operation, and any additional guidance related to that site.

Please carefully read the directions on the your desired site's page (by clicking on that site's name at the bottom of this page) to ensure you understand how that site will operate.

What other tax preparation options are available?

Some other options: